Whats is the difference between lice and scabies?

xximashootingstarxx asked:

Do the bugs look different? Do they go in different areas? I know lice effects the scalp, but do scabies effect the same area or everywhere?

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3 Responses to “Whats is the difference between lice and scabies?”

  • gsschulte says:

    How to kill Scabies

    yeah two different bugs. lice hang out in the hair scabies hang around the fingers.
    and your school should check for lice every year.

  • futurern says:

    Lice and scabies are two different bugs. Lice gets into hair, and scabies gets in the skin. Normally, scabies starts around the fingers.

  • sleep_challenged says:

    24 hour natural Scabies remedy

    lice are bugs that chill in ur hair and bug u to death and possibly close down skools if outbreaks are big enough… scabies is like a rash caused by anotha bug. like da othat ppl sed, its mostly around the fingers

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